The Brief

For this new project linked to well-being, I had the great pleasure of working alongside Christina for 8 days. Well-being could be defined as : an active process through which people try to improve or maintain their well-being.

So, the goal here was to take advantage of technology to introduce…

The new century has experienced an exponential increase in people’s mobility all around the world. Even if migration has always been a recurrent phenomenon across history, never before has humankind seen such a variety of destinations, motivations, and setups.

Along with the experience of migrating — possibly having to adapt…

My first Ironhack challenge consists in creating a feature for Citymapper app by using Design Thinking process.

Many of us have already used the Citymapper application when traveling abroad. Parisian by birth, I admit using it regularly in Paris to optimize my trips through the city and its surroundings.


Diego Arizcorreta

UX/UI Designer in the making. From art history to the digital world, there is only one big step !

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