Diego Arizcorreta

Feb 12, 2021

12 min read

Wellness app : Map Your Mind

The Brief


Understand the principle of mind maps

A little bit of history…


  • helps to think more clearly
  • helps to plan
  • promotes memorization
  • decision making aid
  • calms anxiety
Mind map produced by Dr. Huba on the benefits of visual thinking

Empathize (quantitative + qualitative approaches)


Survey guide

Survey results



Power of verbatims

Job To Be Done interviews verbatims

Empathy maps

Empathy map

How Might We

  • Anxiety :
  • At night :
  • Expression :
  • Identifying :
  • Mental exercise :
How Might We…

Ideation : Crazy 8

  • In terms of expression, a large number of ideas have been imagined around note taking, journaling, a diary organized by theme and date, a journal to document and track dreams, notifications to encourage a user to write.
  • Many ideas of mediums have been suggested in order to adapt to each user a way of transcribing information : writing, dictation, audio recordings, doodling, drawing, video.
  • Concerning the organization of the content : themes related to professional, personal, family, or with a distinction of negative and positive thoughts, with an organization related to time, or to distinguish physical and emotional symptoms.
  • Many ways of visualizing the collected data have been imagined : lists, tables and charts or mind maps. The goal would be to identify recurring thoughts or dreams, make connections, help users diagnose sources of anxiety on their own and/or with artificial intelligence.
  • Some ideas to integrate connected objects to record brain activity or cardiac rhythm were also put forward.
  • A few designers have been interested in sharing, either by creating a community to share content with others anonymously or schedule meetings, chatbots, or video calls with therapists.
  • Some designers have focused on techniques and methods to feel better such as : breathing exercises, teas and massages, mantras and quotes, reminders to dedicate time for relaxation, quotes and people inspiring.

MoSCoW prioritization

MoSCoW prioritization

User flow to-be

User flow to-be

Low Fi Wireframes

Mid Fidelity prototype

Mid fidelity prototype

Usability testing

Brand attributes

  • a space of personal expression
  • benevolent because without judgment
  • an infinite card, flexible at will
Brand attributes


  • expression therefore (as seen with the book, the chair, origami, the malleability that allows the trace)
  • serenity and introspection (as seen with the zen garden, origami, the man alone facing the beauty of a landscape between heaven and earth, the statue)
  • the infinite and the notion of timelessness (as seen with the sand, the clock, the repetitive patterns and the samara).

Style tile

Style tile

Desirability test results

Brand personnality test results
Five Dimensions of Brand Personality results

High Fidelity Prototype

Next steps